Sunwayfoto CPC-01 Mobile Phone Holder with Tripod Mount and Arca Dovetail

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  • Professional ballhead bracket for mobile devices
  • CNC machined from T6061 aluminum alloy for durability
  • Military type-III hard-anodized finish for a sophisticated look
  • Secure bracket and clamp system fits phone width between 57-79mm (2.3-3.1 inches)
  • Effortless rotation for capturing different angles
  • Easily switch between landscape and portrait mode
  • Dovetail and 1/4″ screw hole for mounting on professional tripods
  • Provides steady stand for panoramic and moving shots

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Professional Phone Holder for Captivating Photography

Capture stunning photographs and videos like a pro with the Sunwayfoto CPC-01 Mobile Phone Holder with Tripod Mount and Arca Dovetail. This remarkable ballhead bracket is expertly designed to elevate your mobile photography experience to new heights. Crafted with precision from T6061 aluminum alloy and boasting a military type-III hard-anodized finish, the CPC-01 exudes durability and sophistication.

With its secure bracket and clamp system, the CPC-01 accommodates phone widths between 57-79mm (2.3-3.1 inches), ensuring a snug fit for your device. Say goodbye to blurry or shaky shots – the CPC-01 allows you to rotate your phone freely, providing you with the flexibility to capture shots from various angles effortlessly. Whether you want to shoot mesmerizing landscapes or stunning portraits, the CPC-01’s ball head feature enables smooth and precise adjustments, delivering picture-perfect results every time.

Unleash Your Creativity with Easy Landscape and Portrait Shooting

Imagine effortlessly switching between landscape and portrait mode while taking breathtaking photos with your mobile phone. The Sunwayfoto CPC-01 Mobile Phone Holder makes this dream a reality. Elevate your creativity and take your photography skills to a whole new level with this innovative accessory.

Gone are the days of awkwardly holding your phone to get the perfect shot. The CPC-01 lets you rotate your phone swiftly and seamlessly between horizontal and vertical positions, giving you the freedom to explore your artistic vision. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an enthusiastic hobbyist, the CPC-01’s ease of use and versatility will unlock your creative potential.

Steady Shots for Professional Results – Tripod Mount and Arca Dovetail

To achieve those impeccable, crystal-clear shots that leave everyone in awe, you need stability and precision. The Sunwayfoto CPC-01 Mobile Phone Holder is designed with both professionals and enthusiasts in mind. Its compatibility with professional tripods ensures a steady stand for your phone, delivering unmatched stability for your photography and videography endeavors.

The CPC-01 features a dovetail or 1/4″ screw hole at the base, seamlessly connecting with professional tripods. Now, you can embark on captivating nighttime photography, record smooth-moving videos, and indulge in panoramic shots without any unwanted motion blur.

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Sunwayfoto CPC-01 Mobile Phone Holder with Tripod Mount and Arca Dovetail Mobile Phone Accessories | Sunwayfoto Australia | 2
Sunwayfoto CPC-01 Mobile Phone Holder with Tripod Mount and Arca Dovetail
$59.00 inc. GST