Sunwayfoto DDH-06 Panoramic Panning Clamp

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  • 360° rotation for seamless panoramic photography
  • Laser-engraved index markings for precise camera panning
  • Safety stop relief grooves to secure camera plates
  • Long-stemmed clamp locking-knob for versatile equipment use
  • Bulls-eye bubble level for perfectly balanced shots
  • Smooth horizontal panning for professional results
  • Compatible with a wide range of camera plates and equipment
  • Elevate photography with effortless and precise adjustments


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Precision Panning for Seamless Shots

Experience seamless panoramic photography with the Sunwayfoto DDH-06 Panoramic Panning Clamp. This exceptional panning clamp is designed to elevate your photography game by providing precise 360° rotation capabilities. With laser-engraved index markings, you can effortlessly pan your camera between shots, ensuring seamless transitions for stunning results.

  • Capture breathtaking panoramas with ease
  • Achieve smooth and precise camera movements
  • Enjoy effortless adjustments for the perfect angle

Secure and Versatile Design

Safety and versatility come together in the Sunwayfoto DDH-06 Panoramic Panning Clamp. The innovative grooves in the clamp serve as safety stops, keeping your camera plate securely in place while you make adjustments. The long-stemmed clamp locking-knob further enhances its versatility, allowing you to use wide plates or cameras without compromising on accessibility.

  • Keep your camera secure during adjustments
  • Compatible with various camera equipment and plates
  • Enjoy peace of mind while shooting in challenging conditions

Level Up Your Photography

Achieve impeccable composition with the built-in bull’s-eye bubble level of the Sunwayfoto DDH-06 Panoramic Panning Clamp. This convenient feature enables you to level your camera effortlessly on both the horizontal and vertical axes. No more crooked horizons or skewed angles, just perfectly balanced and professional-looking shots.

  • Maintain a perfect level for your shots
  • Create visually pleasing and balanced compositions
  • Elevate the quality of your photography work

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Sunwayfoto DDH-06 Panoramic Panning Clamp Clamps | Sunwayfoto Australia | 2
Sunwayfoto DDH-06 Panoramic Panning Clamp
$115.00 inc. GST