Sunwayfoto DDC-26LT Universal Mini QR Clamp Kit

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  • Lightweight and durable aerospace-grade aluminum construction
  • Quick and versatile quick-release plate for effortless transitions
  • Built-in bubble level for precise composition
  • 3/8” standard thread socket for tripod mounting
  • Dual strap mounts for convenient carrying options
  • Compact structure and beautiful design
  • Enables creative photography without limitations
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Lightweight and Durable Aerospace-grade Aluminum Construction

Unlock Unparalleled Strength and Portability

Discover the Sunwayfoto DDC-26LT Universal Mini QR Clamp Kit, an engineering marvel crafted from T6061 aerospace-grade aluminum material. This mini QR clamp kit boasts exceptional durability while remaining astonishingly lightweight. The precision CNC machining and type III hard-anodized finish provide unrivaled resistance to corrosion and abrasion, ensuring your investment stands the test of time. With its compact structure and exquisite design, this QR-Plate and Clamp Combo is the ideal companion for photography enthusiasts on the go.

Take It Anywhere, Capture Everywhere

Whether you’re an avid traveler or a dedicated photographer, the DDC-26LT Mini QR Clamp Kit is the perfect choice for effortless portability. No longer burden yourself with heavy equipment. The thoughtful lightweight design allows you to focus solely on your creativity without sacrificing performance. Seamlessly integrate this clamp kit with your mini tabletop tripod, and embark on memorable photography adventures with ease.

Quick and Versatile Quick Release Plate

Seamless Compatibility for Ultimate Convenience

The Sunwayfoto DDC-26LT Mini QR Clamp Kit comes equipped with the PT-26R Quick Release Plate, designed for flawless compatibility with various renowned brands such as Sirui, RRS, and ARCA-SWISS. Say goodbye to compatibility issues and embrace the versatility this kit offers. Easily transition between different devices and tripods without any hassle.

Swift and Secure Transitions

Experience the efficiency of the screw-knob design featured in the DDC-26L clamp. With just a simple twist, you can swiftly and securely mount or detach the quick release plate. Save valuable time during critical moments and never miss capturing the perfect shot again. This user-friendly feature enhances your overall photography experience, making it a breeze to switch between different setups.

Stabilize Your Composition with Built-in Bubble Level

Perfectly align your shots every time with the bubble level integrated into the DDC-26L clamp. Achieve impeccable compositions and ensure your horizon remains straight, even in challenging shooting conditions. Let this convenient tool be your guiding compass, ensuring professionalism in every photograph you take.

Versatility Meets Compatibility

Expand Your Shooting Possibilities

The DDC-26LT Universal Mini QR Clamp Kit opens up a world of possibilities with its 3/8” standard thread socket at the base. Effortlessly mount the clamp onto a tripod, enabling stable and precise photography sessions. The compatibility with both Arca and RRS clamps gives you the freedom to explore various shooting styles and techniques.

Dual Strap Mounts for Added Convenience

Not only does the DDC-26LT offer exceptional compatibility with tripods, but it also features two strap mounts that cater to your preferred carrying style. Easily attach a wrist strap or neck strap for enhanced security and mobility during your photography excursions. Embrace a hands-free experience while keeping your valuable gear close at hand.

Embrace the Freedom of Creativity

Experience the true essence of photography with the Sunwayfoto DDC-26LT Universal Mini QR Clamp Kit. From its lightweight and robust construction to its seamless compatibility and versatile strap mounts, this kit empowers photographers of all levels to explore and create without limitations. Embrace the freedom of creativity and elevate your photography game to new heights with this remarkable product.


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Sunwayfoto DDC-26LT Universal Mini QR Clamp Kit Clamps | Sunwayfoto Australia | 2
Sunwayfoto DDC-26LT Universal Mini QR Clamp Kit
$59.00 inc. GST